Selling your item

It’s easy to advertise your your item. Just click on “Add Listing” and fill out the form.

  • Title – this is what you are selling . For example 36″ lawn mower
  • Description – try to be as accurate and honest as possible. If it’s difficult to start, say so
  • Keywords – this helps Google find your item in Google searches. Just describe the item. For example hayter lawn mower
  • Listing details – enter your asking price here
  • Listing attachments – upload your item photos. Keep them a sensible size. Nothing bigger than 2000px x 2000px
  • Listing location – enter the location of the item. It doesn’t have to be your exact address, you can just enter a town etc
  • Add any listing enhancements to get your adverts more prominence.


  • £15 Featured Listing -front page and shows on all advert pages

    • £10 HTML Listing Content- make your listing link to outside sources
    • £10 Visitor Counter
    • £15 Top of Category- be at the top when someone searches the category your advert is in.
    • Save your listing and it’s on the website!



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